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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bangladeshi Kachchi Biryani Recipe


This Kachchi Biryani recipe will serve 20~25 adult.
  1. Goat meat
  2. Kalizira rice
  3. Butter/Ghee
  4. Potato
  5. Fried onion (Beresta)
  6. Ginger paste
  7. Garlic paste
  8. Cardamom
  9. Cinnamon
  10. Clove
  11. Nutmeg
  12. Mace
  13. Shah Zeera
  14. Kababchini
  15. Red chili powder 
  16. Cumin powder
  17. Yogurt
  18. Rose water
  19. Kewda water
  20. Rose essence
  21. Kewda essence
  22. Orange food color
  23. Black pepper
  24. Saffron
  25. Salt
  26. Pistachio
  27. Raisin
  28. Almond
  29. Mawa
  30. Sugar
  31. Milk
  32. Alu Bakhara (Dried Plum)
  33. Flour dough
Goat meat piece should be 2″X3″ size

10 lb of goat meat

Garam Masala (clove, cardamom,cinnamon) to use as whole

Put the whole garam masala

Will use Kewda and Rose essence


Put 3 cup (standard rice cooker cup) of yogurt in the meat

Garam Masala (clove, cardamom,cinnamon) to grind using coffee grinder or Magic Bullet

Grind the garam masala (above 2 pictures) and put on top of the meat

Fresh ginger paste and garlic paste

Ginger paste 4 table spoon, Garlic paste 2 table spoon

Grind mace and nutmeg (I am using ground Nutmeg from Smart n Final)

Mace: One third of tea spoon

Nutmeg: 2 tea spoon

Use ground Shah Jeera. Use also quarter teaspoon of ground kababchini which can be found sometimes in the grocery store.

Shah Jeera: 1 quarter of tea spoon.
Ground Kababchini: 1 quarter of tea spoon.

Ground Chili and Cumin. They are made from dried ref whole chili and from whole cumin. Saute in pan for few minutes to get the smell/flavor, and then grind them. (Tala lal moricher gura and tala jira gura).

Ground Chili: 2 table spoon. Ground Cumin: 2 and half table spoon.

Rose essence: 5 drops. Kewda Essence: 5 drops.

3 table spoon of Kewda water and 3 table spoon of rose water.

Put 1 to 2 table spoon of salt. 

Mix all these ingredients properly. After mixing you taste the mixture so that you have enough salt. You can mix 1~2 tea spoon of sugar too for taste.

For marination it needs 4 hours. You can also marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

Things needed to make the potatoes of Kachchi.
Garlic paste, red chili, Black pepper, salt, orange food color, some saffron.

Mix all the ingredients (half table spoon of garlic paste, half teaspoon of salt, one quarter teaspoon of black pepper, saffron, very little orange food color) into potato (20~25 bigger piece) properly, marinate for 30 min to 1 hour.

Butter (ghee) needed 12 oz~ 16 oz. In the picture only 8 oz showing. You can use Mohan ghee available in the Indian grocery store.

Put 12~16 oz of ghee in the pan, melt them in slow heat.

Put one cup of water and the marinated potato mixture.

Cook the potato in low heat for 30~40 minutes. The potato outer crust should be little softer. Potato should be ready to put on top of meat layer.

Marinated meat

Put 2 cup (rice cooker cup) of milk and 20 pieces of Alu Bakhara (Dried Plum)

Add 4 cups of beresta (fried onion). I use the beresta available in the store. You can make your own beresta (fired onion).

Mix properly

Put potatoes on top of meat layer

Once all potatoes are put on top of meat layer, mix 2 cup of milk with the butter mixture 

Pour almost 80% of butter and milk mixture, save remaining 20% liquid mixture

After pouring milk/butter mixture it should look like this

Pistachio, Almond, Raisin, Mawa (you can make yourself or can buy from Indian grocery store)

Grind the pistachio

16-18 cups of Kalizira/Chinigura chal (rice)

Flour dough to seal the pan cover

The above items will be needed to cook the kalizira rice

Put some cardamom and cinnamon sticks in the boiling water

Put salt as your taste

Make your strainer ready to separate the boiling water and rice

Mix some food color with water, make it ready for later use

Once the water starts to boil put all the rice

Stir frequently so that the rice doesn't stick in the bottom of the pan. You don't have to cook the rice properly, it should be cooked only 60%. Once you taste the rice while cooking, it should be 60% cooked, you should still feel little hardness in the rice. 
Drain out most of the the water, while draining out the water you can save around 2~3 cups of water in a separate pan for later use. 
2~3 cups of saved boiling water

After saving 2~3 cups of water, accumulate all the rice in the strainer

Put first layer of rice on top of potato layer

Put one layer of rice to cover up the potato.

After the first layer of rice, your pan should look like this

Mix Mawa, Almond, Pistachio, Raisin on top of the first layer of rice.

Add second layer of rice

Add drops of orange food color to make the rice colorful

Mix the remaining 20% ghee mixture and boiling water mixture together and pour them all the sides of the pan and on top of second layer of rice

Time to seal the pan with the lid

Seal (air tight) the Kachchi pan lid with flour dough. Cook in low-medium heat for 2 hours. Example: In my gas range (heat range is 1 to 8), I cook the Kachchi in 4 heat level for 2 hours. After one and half hour you should start to smell the flavor of Kachchi!

Take out the hard crust flour.

First look of cooked Kachchi!

Start serving from the bottom, from meat->potato->rice

Kachchi ready to eat. Enjoy!


Late Siddika Kabir's Recipe, Al-Noor bhai (head chef of Falcon Hall), different recipes in internet, passion of making the kachchi for years and family/friends who tasted the Kachchi biryani!


mahbubur khan said...

That's the most detailed step by step instructions ever! Excellent work!

Shabbir (Nitol) said...

Kothin !!

Shahriar's Blog said...

Thanks Mahbub bhai, the promise made to you and Mostaque bhai pushed me to publish the recipe finally in the blog :)

Shahriar's Blog said...

Thanks Nitol!

Qumrul Ahsan said...

I marvel at the details of the recipe. Left nothing to chances. I hope to try it someday.

Shahriar's Blog said...

Good luck Qumrul bhai. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great work. Can you please give me an idea
about the amount of salt at rice cooking stage

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Can you please give me an idea
about the amount of salt at rice cooking stage

>>> Rice and boiled water mix should be little salty taste. I would say for that amount of rice, you can put 1/2 to 1 table spoon of salt.

shukti said...

I made biriyani with your recipe..it's the best recipe I've seen so far..thank you...

shukti said...

I've made kachchi with your recipe ...it's a Damn good recipe...thank you Bhaiya!

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Good to know Shukti. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice work , you might try these for excellent results 1) use the following spices ,fresh pandan leaves,black cardamom,dagad phool, vetire roots (khus roots), paan roots, kebabchini, pan pipli, timoor, star anise,and a piece of white chandan along with the masalas you mentioned. Use Basmati rice which will make the rice more fluffy, while on dum use a thick towel instead of flour dough (the towel will absorb the excess moisture. Use a flat container for dum ( Dekshi). Use burning coal over the dekshi for a better dum. I am a professional chef and I am very impressed by your efforts to make biryani. Try to make biryani once more using my tips, u'll be very happy to see the outcome. Best of luck.... regards krishnakamal barman.

Bidhan Chowdhury said...

can u pls specify about the bangla name of 'Mace' and 'Kababchini'. Thanks

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Hi Bidhan:
Mace: Joyotri (জয়ত্রি)
Kababchini: Bangla te wo Kababchini bole (http://www.futurekirana.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1617)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the detailed recipe. I have been looking for an authentic Bangladeshi Kachchi recipe for a long time and finally I have found it. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share this with everyone.

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the recipe. So for this is the best Bangladeshi style authentic Kachi recipe i have found in the net. Wonderfully written with detail steps...

Thank you very much.

Iqbal said...

Thanks for the recipe. So for this is the best Bangladeshi style authentic Kachi recipe i have found in the net. Wonderfully written with detail steps...

I even got the Kababchini and shahi jeera from Bangladesh after unsuccessfully trying to get it in the dish stores in TX.

Thank you very much. Definitely Bookmark worthy.

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thank you very much Iqbal bhai. Hope you will enjoy after your next cooking session :)

Imran Uddin said...

Dear Shahriar

I have tried your recipe three times with amazing results. First time I made it for 12 persons and the next time I did for 25 persons including some guests. They loved it.
The 3rd time however, the rice became a bit sticky. How can I avoid that?
Also can you tell me how to scoop out the biriyani and serve in a serving dish. I notice the cooks in wedding put the deshki at an angle and separate the rice from meat while serving. Can you shed some light on this process. I'd also appreciate if other blog members have ideas on this.

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Dear Imran,

Rice became sticky: It may happen for few reasons. If the rice is over cooked (more than 60%) before putting on top of meat layer, or the amount of water/butter mix in the big pan is more than what we required, or if there's a lick in the flour paste covering.

For serving, yes the baburchis put the dekchi at an angle so that the excess ghee/oil can separated in one side of the dekhchi. We use smaller version of dekhchi or haari in our house, we can do the same if you want but it's optional. The way I do, i will put some upper layer rice in the serving dish, then dig meat/potato from the bottom and start putting on top of rice layer in the serving dish and continue the same process. Please refer to my serving dish. The last picture of the blog. Hope this helps :). Sorry for the late answer as I was away.

Imran Uddin said...

Thanks Shahriar.
Just to let you know, I tried the Kachchi again for the fourth time. And it turned out wonderful this time. The mistake I made last time was that I put all the ghee-milk mixture after layering the rice. I should have remembered your direction of putting 80% ghee-milk mixture on meat and the rest after layering the rice. Also, this time the serving went well as my elder brother, who has managed the works of baburchi at family festivals, helped me with it.
Thanks once again.

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Awesome Imran! Good to know. You should share some pictures :)

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

By the way, make some Kachchi when I will be in Dhaka next time :)

Imran Uddin said...

Oh yes. It would be a pleasure for me to cook for the originator of the recipe :)please let me know when you arrive at md.imranuddin@gmail.com
By the way Shahriar, just to share another experience. I experimented with beef instead of mutton because some of my relatives don't like mutton. Everything was nice, but the meat turned out dry. Could it be because mutton releases more fat than beef?

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Yes, will try to get in touch :)

That would be definitely one reason if the beef had less fat. Also beef meat are much harder on an average which means you may have to use more moisture (ghee/water mixture) to soften that. Because of that the cooking time will e increased too. I would say 30 minute extra time will make the beef meat soften and juicy.

Anonymous said...

Your means of explaining all in this article is actually nice, all be able to easily be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

Also visit my blog post :: bangla blog

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thank you.

tania zaman said...

Dear Quazi, can you please tell me how to make Mawa cause I am in South Australia n unable to find Mawa in any store. Thanks.

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

To make Mawa/Chana:

1. 1 gallon of whole Milk
2. 9 ounce of heavy whip cream
3. Put them in a pan, stir continuously and make them boiling
4. After 5 minutes of boiling stage, put 8 table spoon of Vinegar
5. You will see within few minutes that milk is becoming watery and yogurt mix type. That yogurt mix is basically chana (you can make rosogolla or other sweets with this)
6. Take all the chana in a pan and get rid of the water using a cheesecloth
7. Put the chana in a cheesecloth for 3~4 hours in room temperature to get rid of the moisture
8. Take the chana in a pan, put 2 teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoon of flour and mix them properly
9. This same chana can be used in Kachchi, Chicken Roast or to make sweets.

Good luck.

Kurihara Yasuke said...


If i want to use electric stove (hot plate) or oven, what should be my heat estimation as to medium heat in gas stove?

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Electric stove: One Hour cooking time in 3~4 (Assuming scale is 0-8) and one and half hour in 2 or low heat.

Oven: Bake mode for 2 hour to 2 hour and half.

eddie planer said...

I always love Bangladesh briyani. .always chicken whatever I'm in Dhaka. .in fact 3x a year since 2001.
I do notice in Dhaka basmati rice is hardly use for briyani.
So can I use basmati rice to cook your Bangladesh briyani? If yes pls advice?

Looking forward to hear you!

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...


Yes you can use basmati rice too. But in Bangladeshi kachchi biryani most of the chefs use authentic chinigura or kaljira rice.


Unknown said...

What a recipe man . Amazing ! Loved it the way you presented step by step . Thank you .

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thanks :)

Sohel Rana said...

Now I'm famous kacchi chef 😜! Just because of your recipe man. Thank you so much ...

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thanks Sohel. Enjoy :). Try the chicken roast too.

gautam said...

Namaskar. Thank you for a labor of love, and the detailed recipe.

TO KrishnaKamal Barman:

I would never hire you since you are most ignorant of the MANY styles of kacchi biryani. I say this as someone who has focused on kacchi-kacchi biryani, which used marinated meat and raw rice.

What you suggest is typical of Hyderabadi [Deccan] Dum Biryani. It has absolutely NO relevance to the flavors of the DHAKAI biryani described here, nor to the Kolkata style. Indeed, your "potli masala" is a unique feature ONLY of the Hyderabadi style, which has come to dominate Indian cookery through the medium of really poorly trained, illiterate hotel chefs like yourself. NO other biryani uses a potli masala save the Deccan Hyderabadi.

There are obviously very deeply experienced chefs cooking biryani in their own familial or regional styles. You are an ignorant boy from West Bengal, not bhaumik but a bhui-phod, who has no idea that the universe is far bigger than your limited horizon. Quazi Saheb is cooking Dhakai Biryani, even the style of Old Dhaka?

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thanks Gautam da :).

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain more clearly about Salt and water level. Thanks in advance

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Salt is around 2 table spoons when you mix/marinate the meat.
Some salt (to taste) should be put when you will be cooking the rice up to 60% boiled.
Not sure what you meant by water level.

Anonymous said...

This information is priceless. How can I find out more?

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Thank you. What other related information you want?

Anonymous said...

Dear Shariar Rahaman

I followed your recipe and it came out awesome. All of my friend were amazed. many many thanks to you for sharing the recipe. however I have want to cook it half of the people you mentioned like 10-12 people. will the amount of all Ingredients be the half of what you mentioned?


Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Hello, I am glad that the kachchi came out as awesome :). Yes, for 10-12 all of the ingredients can be half portioned. Thanks. Try out the chicken roast recipe too.

A.Karim said...

hello, I am definitely going to try this. I have made several other recipes but my results were inconsistent. I have few pressing request though:
1. With your experience, can you provide a biriyani masala powder recipe that can be made in large batch (1 cup amount) and stored in fridge. And how much of powder to use per kg of meat?
This will help cooks like me who often want to cook for family and but want to reduce prep time.

2. If I cook with basmati rice do I still cook 60% only? some people soak the basmati rice - what difference does soaking have on cooking time or amount of water used? Can kalijeera be also soaked? It's dumb on my part but quite often I cannot recognize 60% cookedness of rice (especially for various brands). any tips on that? a friend once told me that the rice will break exactly in 3 parts - that's when you need to stop cooking.

3. Because of the rice pre-cooking issue, I am trying to perfect biriyani in pressure cooker using totally uncooked raw rice. I purchased a 16 quart (15 kg) size pressure cooker (lol). but still tryin to figure out the exact amount of liquid required for various types of rice to make fluffy (jhor-jhore) biriyani. Using pressure cooker this the cook time reduces dramatically and the meat remains pink, like professional kacchi biriyani of dhakai wedding feast. First I put gas stove on high for 15 to 20 minutes, then lowest for 30 to 40 minutes- (with 10 lb pressure)

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Hi A. Karim bro,

Sorry, was out of town, couldn't reply you earlier.

1. I haven't tried that. But it should be easy to make. If you see my recipe, you can see how much masala powder you need for 10 lbs (4.53 Kgs) of meat. You can weigh that masala and divide how much you need for 1 kg of meat. In the mean time, you have to put other ingredients such as ginger, garlic, onions, yogurt etc. accordingly. Hope this answers your question.

2. 60% cooking true for both Basmati or Kalijeera. However I prefer Kalijeera for sure to prepare Kachchi.

Yes, both type of rice can be soaked. In some places, many people want to clean/wash the rice by water and soak for 30 min or so before putting into boiled water. Nothing wrong with that.

The way you will realize about 60%:
i. Experience :), which means more you cook.
ii. If you bite a 60% boiled rice, you will feel outer layer/portion (or little more than half) of the rice looks eatable (not hard), and the remaining inside portion little harder.

3. I won't use pressure cooker for Kachchi for sure. Kachchi cooking is an art of slow cooking process :)

Good luck and thanks.

Nusrat Parvin said...

Dear brother,
Can you please tell me how long should i cook this for 2kg and 3kg mutton?
Im confused about the ratio of meat amount and cooking time.
Even though i havent tried this recipe but the final look if the biriyani is too temtping! I wilk try it very soon.

Quazi Shahriar Rahman said...

Hi Nusrat,

For 2-3Kg (around 7lbs) of meat, the cooking time should be still the same.

Good luck.